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Our thanks go to YouTube's crime scene cleanup school channel for this blood cleanup video. This blood cleanup for a shotgun suicide cleanup took place well over a year following the suicide victim's death. The home remained in probate for over a year as it exchanges hands from the suicide victim to the state.

Viewers will notice the lack of color common to most suicide cleanup scenes. Anytime human blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) contaminated room and its objects, the composition of blood follows. Blood may coagulate and become ash-like, in which case it may resemble volcanic ash and extreme cases. At other times, it may stick to porous and nonporous surfaces on horizontal and vertical planes. There becomes like superglue and slowly loses much of its color and blood like texture. And that's what we see in this video.

In most shotgun suicide cleanup activities, we find great quantities of human blood spread "360.the bottom," which means the blood debris field, including anatomical remnants, spread from the floor to the ceiling in all four walls.

The rate of decomposition for both the suicide victim's body and remnants of the traumatic impact of the shotgun blast begins soon after death. Overall, though, decomposition will occur relative to the internal environment in which the suicide victim is found, if the suicide's blood clean activities were indoors. Outdoors is a nether story. Indoors, the rate of decomposition will depend on air temperature for one. Was an air conditioner on? Was a room heater on? What about ventilation in and from the room? Then there are the incidentals that come into play, like, what sort of diet did the suicide victim experience before death in the short-term and long-term? A strong alcohol diet will sometimes become part of an odor issue.

For example, and there's no logical social evidence to buttress this comment, it seems at times that female suicides will follow a red wine drinking binge. It happens that the decomposition of an obese person the habit of consuming red wine will produce odors much more pungent than other dietary habits. On the other extreme of this range of diets, we find a vegetarian and much less powerful blood OPIM related odors. Antidotal experience comes to mind in the case of these older, producing dietary habits and suicide-related to blood cleanup.

A Delaware bioihazard cleanup company with a history knows these facts.





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